Rhino Carbon Fiber Bowed wall Reinforcement Straps


Bowed wall Reinforcements

Used for bowed wall horizontal cracking larger than 1/8th of an in  and smaller than 1.5 inches. All cracks are refilled along the applying surface of the carbon fiber strap to allow for proper application. All other cracks are recommended to refill with hydraulic cement or epoxy if applicable to prevent from expanding and contracting of the walls and act as a moisture barrier. 


Corner Wall Reinforcements

Reinforce your corner with cracks with Rhino Carbon Fiber  Corner Repair Kit. Proven, effective, guaranteed. 


Block Wall Crack Reinforcements

Ideal for block walls with no bowing and stair step type cracking.In some cases may be used for minor horizontal cracks along as the crack is no bigger than 1/8th of an inch.  

Rhino Carbon Fiber strength Tests.