Basement Drain System



My trusted and a major  leading supplier in waterproofing technology! 

Waterproofing Drain


This system has a low profile design  which allows adequate  floor thickness to be poured back over the drain once system is connected. This systems wide design allows for proper water flow while allowing the release of hydrostatic pressure. This system connects to our sump pump system which works with SafeDrainTM to mitigate radon or harmful gasses. Perfect for basement waterproofing!  Recommended use with optional vapor barrier.



The perfect way to help remove water hydrostatic pressure from crawlspace walls where the footing is showing. When used with optional vapor barrier, this system helps prevent further water erosion, buildup and damages to crawlspaces by leading water to a sump pump and basin with an exterior discharge line. 

Crawlspace Drain system


Drains with drainage rock is installed along perimeter footing to route water to sump pump system.


Drain is connected to sump pump basin.


Drainage rock is applied around drain and sump pump basin and pump is installed with exterior discharge line leading out a minimum of 15 feet.